Destination Co. - What’s in a name and a logo?

Destination Co. – What’s in a name and a logo?


Even in the very early stages of forming Destination Co. the first question anyone asked when we explained the concept to them was ‘What’s it called?’


We actually landed on the name ‘Destination Co.’ fairly early on, after all so much is dependent on the brand name – the logo, apparel designs, domain names etc. We settled on ‘Destination’ as we felt it was the word that best captured the essence of what we want this brand and company to represent – a sense of purpose and adventure, to be curious, to be dynamic, to learn and to have fun on the journey. After much deliberation we added the ‘Co.’ from a design aesthetic as much as anything; having a second capital letter in the brand name gives great flexibility to play with fonts and designs, plus we think it looks more distinguished!


The logo took longer! We wanted something memorable and unique, but simple enough that it could be printed and embroidered easily. The lightbulb moment finally came when someone suggested using the universal destination marker used on navigation apps and from there we incorporated the d into that symbol. By happy coincidence the logo also looks like an amalgamation of the letters d c o.


We couldn’t be prouder of the name and the logo and the intrepid nature they represent. We hope you enjoy wearing them in the same spirit. Live the Journey!


The Destination Co. Team